Fragrances made

simple pure custom for you.

Why we’re different

The team at Risdon International understand that fragrance is as much an art as it is science. With that in mind we seek to inspire our clients and leave them enthused with opportunities to get creative as we take them on a sensory journey to brand success. Our combined experience of over 40 years working directly with the evaluation, development, and marketing of Consumer products means that we don’t just create great fragrances, we can also help you to bring them to life.

Based in Sydney, Australia Risdon have been developing its bespoke perfumery business since 2005 and now has a library of over 1000 fragrances for the cosmetic, household and cleaning markets. Indeed, our ‘off the shelf’ range perfectly complements our bespoke service by acting as both inspiration and solution for our diverse customer base.

Our Method

We pride ourselves in being flexible and forward thinking in our development and as such offer our fragrances in a variety of pack sizes and formats to suit your formulation needs. In addition we can offer private consultations and application assistance to help you achieve the desired result.

Underlying our creative expertise is a commitment to sustainable and responsible business development and as such we are investing in cleaner and greener fragrance compounding methods. Our 100% natural range of fragrances and water soluble essential oils are breaking new ground in both creativity and functionality and supporting greener product development across a wide range of consumer products.